Pool Remodels

Envision a luxurious, crystal-clear pool with all the updated features of a modern-day pool, set right in your own backyard! But what you see when you look outside now is your outdated pool desperately in need of a renovation. No worries! Serenity Pools, an award-winning, premier pool company, is well-equipped to transform your outdated pool into the
pool of your dreams!

In addition, Serenity Pools delivers comprehensive pool renovations and remodeling, in which we handle all those important details, such as property inspections and building permits. Remember, you can count on Serenity Pools to customize your pool to your specific yard, pool design, preferred pool features, and personalized patio design with pavers that
you select so that the end result is a pool tailor-made just for you.

Maintenance Tips

Clean the waterline

Oils, lotions and sunscreen tend to float on top of the water and collect at the waterline of your pool. Brushing the waterline once a week helps prevents an unsightly build-up of these unwanted elements (think bathtub ring). If allowed to accumulate, these
deposits can significantly shorten the life of your liner or tiles. Brush the sides and bottoms of the pool. This helps prevent algae growth.

Pay particular attention to areas around ladders, steps, and angled areas. Even with good sanitation, algae will grow in areas of the pool with poor circulation. Empty the pump baskets. This is a simple but sometimes dirty task that can play a big role in your pool staying in top shape. If leaves and debris fill the baskets, your pump will lose proper circulation and your water will not be able to filter correctly which can lead to algae growth and dirty water.

Vacuum the pool.

Vacuuming removes organics and improves the appearance of your pool and goes a long way in preventing low sanitizer levels. Backwash your filter. Backwashing is important for circulation and ensuring your water stays clear. After you vacuum your pool, backwash for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This will use water from your pool to wash all of the dirt and debris out of your filter. While backwashing your filter, check thoroughly for signs of leaking. Leaks can lead to bigger problems but if you catch them right away, they are generally an easy fix.

Treat your water.

Ensure that your pump, filter, and heater are all operating normally. If you have an automatic cleaner, empty the bag and filter screen, hose them out and make sure your machine is operating correctly. If you don’t currently have an automatic cleaner but are interested in one, we highly recommend Peniar. Clean the pool deck. Removing debris from the deck prevents that debris from making its way into your pool requiring time consuming cleaning.

Need to finance?

For over 39 years, Lyon Financial has provided individuals and families with the financial sources to enjoy the comfort and flexibility of having their own backyard vacation. We know what having your own pool will mean to you and your family. It means fun, relaxing times. It means creating a retreat to entertain friends and watch your children play. It means exercise, laughter, and a refreshing escape. Having a swimming pool allows you the opportunity and freedom to relax with friends and family, host summer parties, and make lifelong memories.